How to Increase Your Real Estate Deal Flow

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Whether you’re wholesaling properties on the side or building a Real Estate business full time, finding quality property deals is a key skill.

Filling your pipeline, nurturing leads and securing properties at the right price will ensure you hit your property goals.

Unfortunately many investors suffer with low (to no!) deal flow because they haven’t got the right measures in place.

People also struggle to create a pipeline of deals because of:

  • Fear

  • Lack of systems

  • Inconsistency

  • Lack of visibility

BUT, this doesn't have to be you!

So here are five ways you can increase deal flow in your Real Estate business…

#1: Grow your online presence

There’s no getting away from the fact that if you’re not online you’re invisible.

What you would do if you were about to use a product or service?

You’d ‘Google’ it.

And people will do the same about you.

Make sure your online presentation represents you well:

  • consistent message about who you are and what you do

  • reviews / testimonials

  • unfavourable material removed (looking at you Facebook!)

#2: Build relationships

Your deal flow will depend a LOT on both the quality and number of your relationships.

How many:

  • agents call you when a new property is about to hit the market?

  • property owners phone you when their ‘higher offer’ sale falls through?

  • investors are on your books?

Relationships and rapport grow over time.

Use a simple CRM to track conversations, record contact details and remind you to follow up on a regular basis.

#3: Market Consistently

This one’s simple.


Be front of mind at the exact moment someone needs your services.

  • Use direct marketing to reach people where they live.

  • Speak to agents to remind them you’re still looking for properties.

  • Attend networking meetings to strengthen investor relationships

  • Post on social media to let everyone know what you’re doing

Keep sharing what you’re doing, what you’re looking for and how you can help…

#4: Dominate an area

“The person who chases two rabbits catches neither.”

Focus on one area, at least at the start.

Get good in one area first, know every road, every agent, every opportunity.

What are deal numbers, how much are properties, what jobs are there, where are the amenities etc etc…

Mastering an area will increase your speed, efficiency and reduce risk.

#5: Use technology and automation

The previous four tips may sound like a lot…and they ARE!

But you don’t have to do everything yourself.

Technology and other people can help.

For example:

  • store content ideas in a note taking app and publish them over time, so you never run out

  • track property deals in a tool such as Notion so you never forget what you’re working on

  • use Make or Zapier to automate chases / reminder to yourself or others

Ultimately, you need to send out a clear message into the world on a regular basis, be ready to catch the replies and keep a conversation going until either they tell you to stop or you secure a deal...

So, are you ready?

All Systems. GO!

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