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Laura and Ian S.

“A fantastic day of property mentoring with Andy Gaught.

We discussed our vision and goals at Tadorna Property and made plans for how to achieve them most effectively.

Such a pleasure to spend the day with someone not only knowledgable and experienced, but also an all-round lovely human being!

Thank you!”

Bev N.

“2 days working with my mentor and fellow investor on growing my property business.

Accelerating my knowledge, finding solutions to the challenges and  developing my strategy. 

Feeling like the energiser bunny. 🐰🐰”

Harriet S.

What a fantastic day….

Not only were there blue skies but I have been fortunate enough to have a days mentoring from Andy Gaught…..

My property journey is going from strength to strength.

Todays key learnings are mindset based! Congrats Andy for changing mine….

Julia H.

“I have had the most fun and interesting two days.

Learnt about where my gaps exist, where I need to find better clarity but best how I can streamline my operations to gain more efficiency and with that buy back time. Time is my most precious commodity.

Thanks Andy!”

Tracey and Nick A.

“What a mind blowing 2 days talking with and learning from Andy Gaught our Property mentor!

Thank you, Andy, for so much value in just a short time.

I can't wait to start acting on our discussions and putting the practical business tools into action.”

Russell C.

“Great session with my property Mentor Andy Gaught this afternoon working on productivity and mindset.”

Kevin and Karen T.

"Big thanks to Andy Gaught for an awesome day.”

All Systems. GO!

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