Do You Have a Notion End in Mind?

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When is a deal a deal?

Earlier this week I caught up with one of my property mentees who was having second thoughts about a property deal.

Her offer had been accepted, but she was worried the numbers didn’t really work and it ‘wasn’t a deal’.

My first question was:

’What is a deal to you?’

She gave a vague reply about yield, location and property type.

So I said:

’If you don’t know exactly what a deal looks like, it’s no wonder you’re unsure whether this property is a good deal or not’.

In Stephen Covey’s famous book ‘The 7 habits of highly successful people’ he said:

"”To begin with the end in mind means to start with a clear understanding of your destination.”

My mentee didn’t know her destination (what is a deal?)

Being clear about where you’re going is key to:

  • Focus on the key tasks

  • Make decisions more easily (does it move you towards your end result or not?)

  • Know when you’ve arrived

Systemisation using Notion

If you’re thinking (or in the middle of) using Notion in your Real Estate Business the same applies…

Plan what your business looks like once you’ve got everything set up in Notion.

Here are some things to think about:

  • how will you use Notion in your business?

  • what information will you store in Notion?

  • who will use Notion with you, both now and in the future?

  • what are the top three problems you’re facing right now and how can Notion solve them quickly?

You wouldn’t set off driving without deciding where to go, so take a few minutes to think about how you’ll use Notion in your business.

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