How to Track Real Estate Leads in Notion

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Step 1: Create a Property Information Database

Create a Notion Database to store every last bit of information about each property in one place, so you or one of your team can easily reference it in the future.

Notion provides different data types so whether it’s a ‘number’ for the current asking price, ‘URL’ for a Rightmove link or ‘date’ for the next time to follow up, Notion has you covered.

Here are the fields I use in my set up:

Step 2: Decide On Your Pipeline Stages

Once you’ve recorded the property information you need to think about the various stages a lead will go through.

If you’re don’t know the current situation for a lead it becomes difficult to know what action to take to get it to the next step.

So spend a few minutes thinking about the various stages a lead would go through. For example:

—>New Lead —> Lead Review —> Viewing —> Due Diligence —> Deal Analysis —> Offer —> Negotiation —> Offer Accepted

Step 3: Add These Stages to Your Notion Database as a ‘Select’ Field and Create a Board View

We’ve recorded all the details of our potential deals and decided on the various stages. Now we need to put the two together.

Notion provides a ‘Select’ field for this job - add it to your deal properties list and enter your different stages like this:

We now want to see each of the properties at their various stages…we can do this using board view.

Similar to Trello, Notion’s board view is an easy way to view you database in a Kanban layout, with the visible properties set by you for easy reference.

To do this create a new view —> select your lead database —> new empty view —> board layout —> grouped by your lead stages field

Step 4. Start Using Your Brand New Lead Tracker

Now everything is set up you’re good to go.

  • make sure every new lead goes into your database

  • check your pipeline regularly to see if anything can be advanced or action taken

  • make use of the next follow up field, so you stay in touch with agents / property owners

  • add a note every time ANYTHING happens with a lead - you speak to the agent, do some deal analysis, put in a offer, track everything with dates so you have a comprehensive record in the notes.

If you need any help with this, please get in touch

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