Notion SOP Manager

Start working ON your business, rather than IN it

"This was great!

I’m an operations manager and we don’t have any SOPs in place and we needed an SOP framework for the entire company to use.

This saved me so much time and money than if I tried to build something from scratch.

It will definitely be an essential part of our business."

Julie Santiago

SOP Dashboard

Manage your SOPs all in one place

  • quickly add new SOP ideas to your database

  • oversee your SOP development pipeline

  • search active SOPs

  • regularly review SOPs

Active SOPs

Easily access your active procedures

  • broken down by department

  • broken down by person

  • find just your SOPs

SOPs In Development

Track your new SOPs through the creation process

  • in draft - being written

  • for approval - requires sign off by another person

  • being checked - currently being reviewed

SOP Maintenance

Ensure SOPs are kept up to date and accurate

  • use the diary to review SOPs on a regular basis

  • check SOPs have all information including owner, status and department

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Development Page

Maintenance Page

Active SOP Dashboard

SOP Template

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