Productivity OS

Focus. Confidence. Success


Stop checking multiple apps for a business status update.

Instead check on priority projects, tasks, OKRs, resources and more in one place

Goal Tracker

Never lose sight of your end target.

Keep focused, move forwards and achieve everything you want.


Stop worrying whether you're working on the right things.

Easily create and update your OKRs to track progress.

Project Manager

Avoid overloading yourself with too many projects / tasks.

Prioritise, plan and make progress using projects.


Stop sitting down to work, not knowing what to do.

Instead, focus on the most important tasks.


Reduce overwhelm by highlighting tasks, projects and resources that are your current priority.

Knowledge Hub

Never lose a key piece of information again.

Build your second brain right inside of Notion.


Avoid wasting time switching between different apps.

Productivity OS provides everything you need, in one place.


All your information in one place

  • navigation bar

  • quick actions for adding items into your system

  • active goals

  • get straight to work on your 'daily big three'

  • highlights provide easy access

Goals / OKRs

Keep your end targets front and center

  • review and update your progress

  • tie projects to key results and goals so you know you're working on the right stuff

  • store info in one place so it's at your fingertips

Projects and Tasks

Focus on doing the right tasks at the right time on the right projects

  • Create, plan and schedule projects

  • Plan out tasks using the 'Now', 'Next', 'Later' framework

  • Set your 'daily big three' to ensure you're always making progress on your most important work

Areas, resources and notes

Build your ultimate knowledge base

  • capture youtube videos, web clippings, tweets and more

  • organise in whatever way works for you

  • link important information to your work so what you need is at your finger tips

  • never forget something ever again

Productivity OS

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Productivity Dashboard

Goal Tracker


Project Manager

Task Manager



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